Our Strength in Pest Control

California HR Connection is an Affiliate of the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC).

With 25 years working in the field and in the office, we understand Pest Control! Both areas have provided  knowledge on what pest control companies need. Protecting  your company from potential employee lawsuits or wage claims can be the difference between growing your business or paying a large settlement or fine. 

Simple steps such as:

  • Documenting training meetings with employee signatures
  • Having employee signatures on policies and procedures
  • Keep required posters up to date and posted 
  • Make sure meal breaks are provided
  • Know what is required based on the size of your company
  • DON'T search the internet for answers. 

Here are some tips: 

  • If you have GPS on your vehicles, have your employees sign a GPS acknowledgment.
  • Do a background check after an offer has been made. See Business Solutions for a Pest Control discount.
  • Conduct pre-employment drug testing. 
  • Have job descriptions as a part of your application for employment.
  • Have an employee handbook and make sure nothing indicates a contract of employment.
  • Do not label your first 30,60,90 days as PROBATION. Change that to "Introductory Period".
  • Make sure you follow the California Paid Sick Leave Law.  
  • Does your Insurance Broker provide you with tips and information to lower your workers compensation?
  • Make sure you "Audit the Audit" on your workers compensation. They are not always right.

We will be offering the mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for both non-supervisory employees (1 hour) and to Supervisors (2 hours).  Please read Laws and Updates regarding this requirement. 

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